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The City in Motion Dance Performance Series is the venue in Kansas City for eclectic, family-oriented contemporary dance. Its unique programming, offering a showcase for the talents of area choreographers and performers, ensures it's appeal. Area  choreographers are given the opportunity to develop new dance pieces, local dancers are given the opportunity to perform and audiences are given the opportunity to experience dance. City in Motion has a long history as a presenter of quality dance, while also challenging audiences with new and often thought-provoking performance art.


Fringe Festival Variety Performance Showcase

A Performance In Motion


At              Bolender Center, at the Kansas City Ballet building



                Sat, July 19, 9pm

                Tue, July 22, 7:30pm

                Thu, July 24, 9pm

                Sat, July 26, 4:30pm


A performance series ranging from Ballet to Belly Dance, Modern to Martial Arts, filling the stage with a variety of classical and ethnic dance forms and performance art presented by the faculty of City In Motion School of Dance. Serious to whimsical, lyrical to edgy, there's something for every taste. 

Each show features different performances.


Featured Performances Include: 

*  Hip-Hop, with Bobby Ray, ICE

*  Belly Dance, with Halah Zeki

*  Afro-Caribbean, with Danny Hinds & Co.

*  Flamenco, with Cindy Bleck & Co.

*  Tap, with Billie Mahoney & Co.

*  Gypsy Dance, with Nikoria Dancers

*  Salsa, with Bird Fleming

*  Clowns & Mimes, with Byrd Productions

*  Kung Fu, sword dances

*  Afro-Brazilian Dance, Women of the Drum

*  Novelty Dances, with wings, fans, balancing

Coleman Highlands   Roanoke   Valentine   Volker   West Plaza


Save the Date!  September 6, 2014


Dance in the Park

16th Annual Performance


WHEN:  Saturday, September 6, 2014

             6:30 PM  Free dance class & 7:00 PM  Performance


WHERE: Roanoke Park, 3699 E. Roanoke Dr. Kansas City, MO  64111


WHAT:  Dance in the Park showcases a wide variety of dance companies from the Kansas City region. This FREE concert invites neighbors of Roanoke Park as well as visitors from around the metropolitan area to gather in a natural setting to enjoy a professionally produced, community-based cultural event.

WHO:  Dance in the Park is produced by City in Motion Dance Theater in partnership with the Coleman Highlands, Roanoke, Valentine, Volker and West Plaza neighborhoods.


VOLUNTEERS are needed in these areas to make the evening a success:


    June, July, and August: fundraising and marketing

    September 3 - 5: stage & tent set-up, stage crew for tech rehearsal

    Evening of the event: greeters, stage crew, parking control, recycling, clean-up


We invite you to contribute your talent and time. If you would like to help please contact:



June Holte

Volunteer Coordinator - or 816-678-1107



Andrea Skowronek

Artistic Co-Director - or 816-210-1192

First Thursdays!


Every first Thursday of the month various City in Motion school dancers perform at the Uptown Arts Bar, 3611 Broadway (east side) 7 pm. This is a chance for the groups to perform and for the rest of you to see what you can learn in classes.


Yearly Seasonal Concerts (exact dates and information as they come up):

Modern Night At The Folly (first of year)

Spring Concert - May 2, 3, 4
Childrens Dance Theater & Apprentice Company - June

Participation in KC Fringe - July

Dance in the Park - September

Every piece stepped out on a limb with contemporary vanguard. We are bombarded daily with news of a worsening economy — perhaps these artists show that desperate times call for divergently creative choices. The uncertainty of our stability inspired bold, artistic statement, cutting the edges of innovation. A Modern Night at the Folly entertains and provokes us annually with a celebration of dance.”
~David Ollington, eKC Online, 2009
"City in Motion Dance Theater consistently presents some of the wittiest and most intriguing modern and contemporary dance in our region."
~Paul Horsley, Kansas City Star, 2006
exuberant, imaginative, a soul-stirring affirmation of the soaring possibilities of the human spirit.”
~Robert Eisle, The Kansas City Star, 2006

View a short version (edited excerpts) of the concert in the window just above.


Altered Currents

Spring Concert

Was performed May 2, 3, 4 at Union Station's City Stage

Andrea Skowronek - Sheets of Rain


Ann Shaughnessy - In This Heart,


Company member Krystal Bryan  - In the Kitchen


Guest choreographer, M. Suzanne Ryan Strati - Grandparents.


Amanda January (premiere) - Behind the Scenes of Time


Stephanie Whittler - Poems of the Sea


Contact Information
City in Motion Dance Theater
3925 Main St.
Kansas City, MO 64111-1916

(816) 561-2882

Twitter: @CityInMotionKC

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