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The City in Motion Dance Performance Series is the venue in Kansas City for eclectic, family-oriented contemporary dance. Its unique programming, offering a showcase for the talents of area choreographers and performers, ensures it's appeal. Area  choreographers are given the opportunity to develop new dance pieces, local dancers are given the opportunity to perform and audiences are given the opportunity to experience dance. City in Motion has a long history as a presenter of quality dance, while also challenging audiences with new and often thought-provoking performance art.


First Thursdays!


Every first Thursday of the month various City in Motion school dancers perform at the Uptown Arts Bar, 3611 Broadway (east side) 7 pm. This is a chance for the groups to perform and for the rest of you to see what you can learn in classes.


Yearly Seasonal Concerts (exact dates and information as they come up):

Modern Night At The Folly (first of year)

Spring Concert - May 2, 3, 4
Childrens Dance Theater & Apprentice Company - June

Participation in KC Fringe - July

Dance in the Park - September

Altered Currents

Spring Concert

May 2, 3, 4 at Union Station's City Center Stage


Fri/Sat May 2 and 3 at 8 pm
Sun May 4th at 2 pm


City in Motion Dance Theater will present its professional company concert, titled Altered Currents, on Friday, May 2 and Saturday, May 3 at 8:00 PM and Sunday, May 4 at 2:00 PM at the H & R Block City Stage Theater at Union Station.


The concert features new work by artistic co-directors Stephanie Whittler and Andrea Skowronek; guest choreographers M. Suzanne Ryan Strati and David Ollington; and company members Amanda January, Ann Shaughnessy and Krystal Bryan.


Stephanie Whittler's piece, Poems of the Sea, with music composed by Ernest Bloch, premiered at A Modern Night at the Folly on February 8, 2014. Poems of the Sea is presented in three sections; Waves, Chanty and At Sea with piano music performed onstage by Robert Lamar Sims. The ensemble piece features 8 dancers flowing with tidal entrances, wide gestures and whirling turns.


The collaboration between Ms. Whittler and Mr. Sims was such a success that an additional piece requiring live piano will be presented. AJ Harbison, a local composer, has offered his original work entitled 5 Scenes for Ms. Whittler’s next creation involving four company dancers.


Andrea Skowronek will present Sheets of Rain to a hammer dulcimer score composed by Jem Moore. Six female dancers hold umbrellas as they walk a grid, meet, part, swirl and fall in an impressionistic landscape.


Guest choreographer, M. Suzanne Ryan Strati, will premiere a group work titled Grandparents. This poignant piece uses text generated by the dancers prompted by sensory and emotional memories of their grandparents. The text, sound effects and music serve as an auditory backdrop for movement phrases created by the choreographer and the individual dancers. The sound effects include vinyl record needle static and grandfather clock chimes and the music includes pieces by Farmer Schultz and the Mountaineers, Hank Fort and Korey Ireland.


Guest choreographer, David Ollington, professor of Dance at Kansas State University, will set Awakening. Awakening is a duet with imaginative and unconventional lifts. The music by Franz Shubert gives the piece an additional suggestion of gravity while paralleling its delights.


Company member Krystal Bryan will present her lively and whimsical group piece, In the Kitchen. The work was inspired by her brother, who is a working chef, and depicts the process of making a cake! The music by John Lurie is performed by the Kronos Quartet. Music by Laszlo Berki is performed by the Budapest Gypsy Orchestra.


Amanda January will premiere Behind the Scenes of Time, a group piece in two sections with music by Sucre' and Wildbirds and Peacedrums. The first section explores the idea of breaking habits with repetitive movements motifs, suspension and collapse. The second section works with pulse to reflect the passage of time.


Ann Shaughnessy will perform her expressive solo, In This Heart, set to a lullaby written and performed a cappella by Sinead O'Connor.




Tickets are available by calling the Central Ticket Office at (816) 235-6222. Office Hours: Monday – Friday from 10am – 5pm and from 12 – 5 on Saturdays. Address: 4949 Cherry. Kansas City, MO 64110Tickets are also available by calling the Union Station Box Office at 816-460-2020 or online at 30 West Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO 64108


Tickets are also available at the Union Station Box Office on the lower level during regular business hours.$20 at the door, $18 in advance, $15 for students and seniors, $10 children 12 and under

Every piece stepped out on a limb with contemporary vanguard. We are bombarded daily with news of a worsening economy — perhaps these artists show that desperate times call for divergently creative choices. The uncertainty of our stability inspired bold, artistic statement, cutting the edges of innovation. A Modern Night at the Folly entertains and provokes us annually with a celebration of dance.”
~David Ollington, eKC Online, 2009
"City in Motion Dance Theater consistently presents some of the wittiest and most intriguing modern and contemporary dance in our region."
~Paul Horsley, Kansas City Star, 2006
exuberant, imaginative, a soul-stirring affirmation of the soaring possibilities of the human spirit.”
~Robert Eisle, The Kansas City Star, 2006

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