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Geoffrey Crawford

Lindy Hop Instructor

Geoff has been an avid swing dancer since the early 2000's. He tries to spread and instill the love and passion for swing dancing and the music wherever and whenever he can; whether it be through teaching or performing. He tries to keep things fun, friendly, and inspirational. Over the years he has helped organize and run several dances and events to help grow and better the community. He has helped with KU Swing Society and taught for them for the last several years. He was also a board member on Kansas City Lindy Hop Society. He has been performing and competing since '06 and has won in and placed at several events and performed all over. He started teaching in '07 and quickly fell in love. He has taught across the metro and Midwest. He specializes in Lindy Hop and all the different vintage swing dances. He focuses on keeping things fun and getting the body movement and connection down, and finding your inner voice to dance like you and not someone else.

Geoff teaches Lindy Hop I & II

Geoff Crawford 627 Stomp
Lindy Hop class pic

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