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Yolanda Keeton
Ballroom new class pic
Yolanda Keeton

Ballroom Instructor

Yolanda Keeton, a native in Kansas City, has had the pleasure of having over 15 years of ballroom dancing experience from our area. The passion and need for dance all started when she was a little girl watching Fred Astaire movies with her father.

Starting over 10 years in her ballroom career, Yolanda has specialized in ballroom, Latin, & Swing dancing.  She has also done many choreography projects for weddings, quinceaneras, private parties, talent shows, competitions, and elementary school events, as well as her own performances and competitions.

Yolanda firmly believes that if a person can walk, they can dance. She focuses on encouraging students that they can do this and when they are finished with a class that they will walk out learning something and that they had fun. She is currently the board president of the ballroom group, The Redux Society.

Yolanda teaches Roaring 20s Ballroom and Latin Ballroom


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