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We are so much greater than the sum of our parts

City in Motion is more than a dance school. City in Motion is more than a performance series. 

City in Motion is more than a professional dance company.  We are a community.


Our dancers are all ages and experience levels. Our borders are not finite. Performers learn. Students teach. And all of us DANCE because dance is for everyBODY :)


Dedicated to the pure art form of dance, each instructor is a highly-trained dance professional who honors the integrity, tradition and discipline of the dance.

Specializing in modern dance, we encourage and inspire the creative identity of each dancer.  The title of “dancer” is the common bond that unites City in Motion.

Striving to reach our entire community, we work to gain students and audiences--transcending all ages-- who represent the diverse cross-section of the Kansas City area.

Promoting an environment/climate of non-competition furthers our Mission of dance for everyBODY.

Believing that dance is for everyBODY,  dance provides health benefits to both the mind and body resulting in the increased confidence and well being of the dancer.

Existing within a vibrant artistic community, we flourish in concert with external stakeholders and partners. We strive to bring our vision into the Metro via arts outreach, collaboration and education.


We are the longest running contemporary dance company in Kansas City, and many of our founders are still part of the Kansas City dance community today. 


We are a non-profit, so none of what we do would be possible without the support of our sponsors, donors, board members, and volunteers. 


Join our amazing community of partners and help continue our legacy of providing high-quality contemporary dance to Kansas City!


Take a look at our dashboard for 2022-2023 to get a quick picture of what we do and who we serve! The numbers grow each year, but not without your help!


Sign up for our newsletter to hear about upcoming performances and events, and to learn more about the talented people who make City in Motion what it is today. 

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