Dance classes are for everyBODY.

Think you're too old? Too young? Not flexible enough? Inexperienced? No such thing. Think of this as your class sizing chart. Let's find the right fit for you. 

Our year is divided into 5 sessions. Each session is 8 weeks long. 


During any given session students may sign up for multiple courses. Courses consist of 8 classes, one per each week of the session. 

Classes are 1 or 1.5 hours long once a week. 

To enroll for a course,  you should expect to attend all 8 classes.


Some courses allow for you to drop-in without enrolling for the full session. 

If your instructor or the school cancels a class, a makeup class is scheduled at the end of the session.  


Classes are typically open during holidays except for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.

1 hour courses (8 weeks)      $96

1.5 hour courses (8 weeks)   $120

5 class card                            $80

Full Access (In Person)         $250

Drop-in class (1 time)*          $20



*Pay at the door when you arrive


No experience required or expected. 

Level 1/2 or Beginner

Very little experience. May or may not have taken a dance class before. 1/2 listings are mostly for children. Beginner listings are for adults starting dance. 

Level 3/4 or Intermediate / Advanced

Completed Beginner or Level I/2. Level 3/4 listings are mostly for teens and young adults. Intermediate/Advanced listings are for adults.  Teacher approval granted.


Completely trained in the style. 


August 14 - October 8

Fall 2022 Session