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Amanda Bernice

Lindy Hop Instructor

Amanda Bernice grew up involved in a number of dance genres.  It wasn’t until her grandfather took her down to Jardine’s for dinner and fell in love with Kansas City jazz.  In 2009 she began her training in Lindy Hop. Surrounded by live jazz being produced and performed in her hometown of Kansas City, it was hard to get away from the sounds of that KC Riff.  Amanda quickly found her way into the Lindy Hop community and began to further explore this vintage dance form. Finding her way to dance events around the country, Amanda began to expand her knowledge of the dance.  

Discovering she loved the competitive side of the dance, she began competing and has won a number of titles; she has won titles at Heartland Swing Championships, Boston Tea Party, Sunflower Swing, and Cowtown Jamborama.  Early on Amanda also began volunteering at a number of these events and eventually began starting and organizing her own events and community dance organization in Kansas City with help from the dances and musicians community.  

Amanda specializes in Lindy Hop and solo jazz. She also teaches Charleston and balboa.  She bases her teaching style on full body movement and frame matching while emphasizing the importance of listening to the rhythm. “You gotta follow that beat!”

Amanda teaches Lindy Hop I and II

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