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The apprentice company program is one of only a few in the nation that invites teenagers to develop an appreciation for the creative process. Our apprentices are encouraged to develop and perform their own choreography.  These skills are built from working closely with professional teachers and artistic directors and other appr in a supportive environment on pieces of artistic merit.  Professionals work with students in both classes and productions.

Participating students have gone on the dance with the City in Motion professional company, become artistic directors, become professional dancers and received college dance scholarships.

Dancers must be 13-18 years of age. 

Apprentices are required to attend rehearsals each Saturday. 

All Apprentice Company members are required to perform in the Apprentice Company Concert, Dance in the Park, and any other venues specified by directors.

Scholarship & Placement Auditions August

Audition Information

Students who apply and qualify can receive a scholarship for their program fees. 

Awards are based on financial need, and merit. 

All applicants must write an essay and participate in an audition to be considered. 


Children’s Dance Theater members find a creative outlet through dance. They work with professional choreographers on pieces of artistic merit and experience dance as an art form. 

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