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Beth Byrd

Clowning Instructor

Beth Byrd-Lonski is a professional mime, clown, physical theater artist, producer of physical theater and teacher. She’s been performing since 1982.  She creates unique clown, mime and themed characters for parties, weddings, special occasions, corporate events, etc. She’s enjoyed touring the country as a solo artist for schools and libraries as well as collaborating with various artists and arts organizations to create original material.

Beth is a Physical Theater Artist who uses aspects of Mime, Clown, Music, Poetry, Art, Dance and Pure Physical Theater to create original work. Dealing with themes which go beyond words such as emotion and humanity, Physical Theater speaks directly to the essence of mankind; it is immediate, intimate, familiar and universal. Beth strives to relate to her audience through skilled performance as well as through shared experiences.

She chooses projects, commissions or assignments that challenge her to become a better performer, as well as a better human being. Whether it’s a commission from a gallery to interpret visual art through Physical Theater, a project with musicians to create a Bastille Day performance or a request to perform a Marcel Marceau tribute solo – each performance is a unique collaboration with fellow artists and the audience.

Beth teaches Beginning and Intermediate Clowning

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Beth Byrd
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