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Jessica Auld

Latin Dance Instructor

Jessica Auld has been a leader in Latin dance essentials for over a decade. Her love and passion for dance originated in Mexico with love for cumbia, salsa and merengue. Jessica has taught Latin essentials all over the world and is now bringing her passion to KC. She believes everyone can dance given the right tools and love for music.

Latin essentials is a diverse class of Latin music starting out with a basic salsa, turns and sides steps. Then in week 2 transitioning to bachata turns side steps and style, week 4 covers merengue and weeks 5 and 6 covering combining styles and questions on steps and individual dance styles. This class can be done with a partner or alone and is meant for beginner to intermediate dancers 

Jessica teaches Latin Dance for the City in Motion Dance Satellite Project 2023.


Our instructors are world-class dancers, learn more about who they are before signing up for a class. 

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