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Dance classes are for everyBODY.

Think you're too old? Too young? Not flexible enough? Inexperienced? City in Motion School of Dance is a non-competitive learning environment, where we learn to dance for the joy of it. 


Dedicated to the pure art form of dance, each instructor is a highly-trained dance professional who honors the integrity, tradition and discipline of the dance.

Promoting an environment/climate of non-competition furthers our Mission of dance for everyBODY.

Specializing in modern dance, we encourage and inspire the creative identity of each dancer.  The title of “dancer” is the common bond that unites City in Motion.

Striving to reach our entire community, we work to grow a student body transcending all ages-- who represent the diverse cross-section of the Kansas City area.

Believing that dance is for everyBODY,  dance provides health benefits to both the mind and body resulting in the increased confidence and well being of the dancer.

Existing within a vibrant artistic community, we flourish in concert with external stakeholders and partners. We strive to bring our vision into the Metro via arts outreach, collaboration and education.


Ballet, hip hop, jazz, modern, tap, ballroom, clowning, and more! There is something here for you. Check our current class offerings. 

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