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Celebrating Mary Anne Ellison: A Six-Year Dance of Dedication on the City in Motion Board

Updated: Jan 20

We bid a heartfelt "thanks" to Mary Anne Ellison, a beacon of unwavering commitment, as she gracefully dances off our nonprofit board at City in Motion Dance Theater after an impressive six-year tenure. Mary Anne's invaluable contributions can be witnessed in every aspect of on our organization, shaping the very fabric of City in Motion's mission and vision.

If you don't know, Mary Anne joined the board while being an avid Tap & Hip-Hop student at City in Motion School of Dance. An experienced dancer herself, her passion for the arts and dedication to our cause came in several forms, such as her service on countless event committees, setting up snack bars for our performances and events, promoting our mission to the local business community... and really, anything that was asked of her! Mary Anne could often be found behind the scenes loading up stuff or helping ensure things ran smoothly. As a tireless advocate, she leveraged her skills to bolster our outreach programs, fostering community engagement and expanding our reach. Her wisdom and most-welcome perspective as a Midtown neighbor and CIM friend guided us through challenges like moving locations, COVID-19, and so much more. Mary Anne helped propel City in Motion to new heights.

Beyond her professional expertise, Mary Anne brought a warmth and sincerity that endeared her to fellow board members and staff alike. Her ability to build bridges and form meaningful connections strengthened our collaborative spirit, laying the foundation for enduring partnerships within the Kansas City arts community.

As we express our gratitude for Mary Anne's transformative leadership, we also welcome the opportunity to continue building upon the strong foundation she helped create. But she is not gone, Mary Anne still takes classes and serves on committees in 2024. Her service is a testament to the positive impact one dedicated individual can have on a nonprofit organization. Mary Anne Ellison, thank you for six years of unwavering dedication, passion, and service to City in Motion Dance Theater.

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